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Efua Sutherland remembered



Efua Sutherland remembered

Accra (Greater Accra) 22 January 2001


A cross section of parents and children on Saturday celebrated the fifth anniversary of the death of Dr Efua Theodora Sutherland, a renowned playwright, with one of her many plays, "Ananse and the dwarf brigade."

The play, which forms part of commemorative activities for the late cultural activist and scholar, is to present to Ghanaians her innovations in African drama and education.

The celebration is under the theme, "A dramatic recall," featured the National Theatre Players made up of young actors and actresses from Kusum Agoromma and Mmofra Foundation; the latter being a children's interest group set up by Dr Sutherland.

"Ananse and the dwarf brigade" is an adaptation of a popular folk tale for the stage.

It tells the story of the wisecracking mythical figure, Kwaku Ananse, who is punished for failing to reciprocate the help he received from dwarfs to make a farm that yielded a bountiful harvest.

Earlier, some children from the Services basic School, University Primary School, Golden Age Primary and Christ the King School each received a "Tahinta" play on cassette for answering some questions about Dr Sutherland.

"Tahinta" is another of her plays. "The marriage of Anansewa" is another play that would be showcased as part of the activities.

Dr Sutherland died on January 21, 1996. She wrote short stories, plays and poems for children and adults.

Some of her works are "Edufa" and "Foriwa". Her most famous short story is the "highly anthologised," "New life in Kyerefaso."



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