GRi Arts & Culture News Ghana 04 – 08 - 2000

 An exhibition to enhance the creative talents of children Opens


An exhibition to enhance the creative talents of children Opens

Accra (Greater Accra) 04 August 2000


Children must be helped to develop their creative talents to enable them to appreciate the environment around them. They should also be encouraged to develop interest in activities they participate in so as to develop their own artistic talents.


This was the view of guests at the opening of a three-day art exhibition in Accra on Thursday titled "Colours of Life," which focuses public attention on the development of the creative ability of the Ghanaian child.


Mr. Peter Kpordugbe, Chairman of the Mmofra Foundation, organisers of the Exhibition, said it was necessary for children to become broad-minded and to be able to communicate effectively.


He said the foundation is organising itself to meet the increasing demands of the membership of its language club. Membership has increased about 30 per cent this year.


The United States Ambassador to Ghana, Kathryn Dee Robinson, who was the special guest of honour, noted that the early development of children is a positive step in realising their full potential.